22 Things Happy People Do Differently

There are two types of people in the world: those who choose to be happy, and those who choose to be unhappy. Contrary to popular belief, happiness doesn’t come from fame, fortune, other people, or material possessions. Rather, it comes from within. The richest person in the world could be miserable while a homeless person could be right outside, smiling and content with their life. Happy people are happy because they make themselves happy. They maintain a positive outlook on life and remain at peace with themselves.

The question is: how do they do that?

Photography, reactivated!

It's been 4 years now that I've last shoot a nice photo, should I say :). Way back in January of 2008, I bought a Nikon D40X DSLR camera. It's just an entry level DSLR camera I think. I bought it because I was fascinated by the photos taken by a friend at the company I was working (HP), named Erick. And also I wanted to explore the artistic skills in me. I bought the camera at Henry's along Hidalgo St. in Manila. I think the price was around P 30,000.00. I bought some books about photography and attended a seminar on basic photography lightings. I've learned a lot from those experiences, from the shutter speed, aperture, ISO, metering and basic subject composition.

After all the learning, I started photo shooting in different places... From Makati to Corregidor to Subic Bay in Zambales then at Pearl Farm in Davao.. In Dapitan... and even in Thailand... and of course, Bohol, my home... So I want to share some of my best shots from those trips...

T-Shirt Printing Methods

Wearing a t-shirt with an impressive design is really cool. As we can observe, there are lots of different designs out there... from a simple statement shirt to couple shirts, down to extra-large skull designs. So you would ask how are they get printed?

As far as we know, there are 3 different methods: screen printing, heat press and direct to garments (DTG). Here at PrintBit we use 2 different types of t-shirt printing methods. We can print using Heat Press and Screen Printing machines. We still don't have a Direct to Garments Machine (DTG) as of now.

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